Planned Giving

More and more people are taking advantage of planned giving and other options.  Find out how you can too!

Giving Stock

By making a gift of securities, you may:

  • Claim the market value of the stock as a tax deduction, which is usually more than the actual amount paid for the shares
  • Avoid capital gains, state and local taxes on the profit from the sale of the securities



A bequest to United Way is as simple as an amendment (codicil) to your will stating, "I give the rest, residue, or remainder of my estate (or a dollar amount) to the United Way of Forsyth County, Inc., a non-profit human service corporation."  Bequests may provide you with valuable estate tax savings.


Charitable Remainder Trust

Do you own low yielding assets like real estate or securities that have appreciated in value?  Is your objective to sell those assets and reinvest in higher income vehicles?  A charitable remainder trust may help eliminate capital gains taxes, reduce estate taxes and give you a current tax deduction.  A charitable remainder trust increases lifetime cash flow, by paying the contributor an annuity, and may enable you to pass more assets to your heirs, as opposed to inheritance taxes.


Charitable Lead Trust

For people with estates in excess of $1 million, proper estate planning may save your family from unnecessary taxation.  A charitable lead trust is a popular method of ultimately transferring assets to children or grandchildren, while reducing or avoiding estate/gift taxes.


Charitable Gift Annuities

A charitable annuity provides you with a guaranteed income stream for life when you contribute assets to United Way of Forsyth County and get a charitable deduction.  Charitable annuities can ease the worries of outliving your resources and provide revenue to the contributor coupled with numerous tax advantages.


For more information on Planned Giving, contact the United Way office at 770.781.4110.