25 Ways You Can Live United


1.  Invite a friend, neighbor, family member to attend a school board meeting with you.

2.  Organize a book drive with your family, co-workers, school, club or faith community

3.  Be a mealtime partner for a pre-school class to help kids develop social skills.

4.  Purchase school supplies for a local school to distribute to children who need them.

5.  Enroll your child in a summer reading program at the local library.

6.  Donate your newspaper subscription to a local school when you go on vacation.

7.  Take the children in your life to a local museum, exhibit or play.

8.  Mentor an at-risk youth at your neighborhood school.

9.  Allow a high school student to shadow you at work and show them how you apply things you learned in school.

10. Read to children in your family, at your library, or with a local non-profit engaged in child care or literacy.


11. Bring a child in your life to a bank to have a tour and open up a savings account.

12. Tutor at an adult literacy or technology program.

13. Contact your local representative about and issue affecting working people in your community.

14. Help senior citizens learn how to detect and prevent fraud.

15. Volunteer to prepare tax returns for low-income families.

16. Engage with a middle school to teach a class on how to save money and watch with them as it grows.

17. Ask your bank if they offer free checking and savings accounts to low-income families and encourage them to start if they don’t.

18. Donate new or gently used professional clothing to an organization assisting individuals in seeking employment.


19. Contact your local health clinic to offer assistance in anything from distributing flyers to serving on an event committee to writing a letter to the editor on their behalf.

20. Get a flu shot.

21. Check into what healthy snacks are or are not available in your local schools and call on others to promote tasty, healthy meals and fun exercise at school.

22. Start a walking group for friends, families, neighbors and/or community members that meet regularly at a set time and location.  Soon the group will exist even if you can’t make it!

23. Purchase personal care items such as deodorant, toothbrushes and soap and drop them off at the local homeless shelter.

24. Buy pedometers for your friends and have a fun competition for who can walk the most steps.

25. Help transport families to necessary medical appointments so children can have proper screenings and immunizations.


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