Credit Recovery

According to the NAEP, once a student starts failing classes, the student's chances of graduating on time, if at all, greatly diminish. After one failed class, the student's chances of graduating reduce to 60%. With two failed classes, the likelihood of graduating reduces to 44% and the student's chances of graduating reduce to 31% after three failed classes. Because of the impact of failed classes on the graduation rate, it is imperative to offer students fast-paced recovery opportunities to keep them on track for graduation and prevent students from dropping out of school.

With the support of United Way of Forsyth County, Forsyth County Schools offers recovery opportunities for failed classes in each of their high schools. They provide a number of different options including online courses, tutoring and before and after school programs for those eligible to receive the services. United Way assists with tuition for recovery credits for failed classes, transportation for the before and after school programs, fees for Graduation High School Graduation Test review sessions as well as other services to help those students who are in financial need. These services are offered to students who otherwise would not be able to afford tutoring. The Public School System can't use funds for instruction outside of the normal class day. These barriers provide an opportunity for United Way of Forsyth County support.

United Way of Forsyth County is committed to helping our youth achieve their potential and go on to lead successful lives. Our partnership with the Forsyth County Schools is a valuable asset to the future of our community and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them to help our children and youth succeed.

For more information on Academic and Credit Recovery and other Student Support services at your high school, click on the appropriate link below.

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