United Way for Dawson County

About Us

In 2002, a concerned group of citizens in Dawson County began exploring ways to bring additional human and health care services to its local community.  United Way of Forsyth County joined  hands with Dawson County volunteers to provide administrative and training support to make the work of United Way more efficient.  Bottom line...more of your contirbution reaches the people who need it most in Dawson!

Our Mission

To improve lives in Dawson County by mobilizing the caring power and spirit of our citizens.

Why United Way?

Local Benefits

The Dawson County Advisory Board Members make decisions for funding based on the needs of the local community. These volunteers are your friends, neighbors and co-workers with a vested interest in Dawson County. Money raised in Dawson County through the annual United Way campaign is used to fund agencies and programs in Dawson County.

It's Accountable

Each partner agency of United Way will be evaluated annually by a panel of community volunteers. In addition to an audit, agencies must provide information about budgeting and programs. The material is reviewed to ensure sound management practices, continued need for services, fiscal responsibility, involvement by the agency's board of directors and goals in keeping with United Way's mission.

It's Efficient

Your contribution is invested wisely.  The federal government recommends 25% or less in overhead expenses for nonprofit organizations. Approximately 15% of funds are used for overhead expenses, so more dollars go directly to service providers.