365 Small Business Circle


Small Businesses Making a Big Impact!

United Way of Forsyth County has a simple and affordable program to give back or achieve your businesses philanthropic goals. United Way of Forsyth County invites small businesses to join the 365 Small Business Circle to support children and families in Forsyth county.  Whether your business is a local medical practice, a restaurant, a bank, a local retail store or service provider we are happy to promote your business as a community partner and 365 Small Business Circle member when you support United Way’s mission to improve our local quality of life and help to build healthy communities.

For as little as $1 per day or $365 annually, small businesses can become members of the 365 Small Business Circle. Those donating $3 per day or $1,095+ annually will be considered part of the Leadership Level of the 365 Small Business Circle.


Thank you for contributing to United Way and becoming a 365 Small Business Circle Member!


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